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so let’s talk about how awesome clark gregg is.

prior to the signing, he came down to take a couple of pics with two people (first pic). then, all the people who got into the ticketed signing started coming and the cast signed a poster for them. near the end, clark stepped away from the table to go to the crowd and sign a few things for some people in the crowd (fourth, fifth, sixth pic). of course, only those in front were able to get something to him. some of us didn’t really have anything for him to sign, so someone yelled “sign my badge!” and the rest of us followed suit. he started off on one side of the stage and moved across and he was just really patient!!!! and he was right in front of me (second pic).  and he had to go back to the table but at the very end, he went back to the crowd but he stayed in one side (the area of the sixth pic) because there was a lot of people trying to hand him things. he kept going even as the cast was exiting on the rotating stage (lol, they left him) and signed stuff for a couple minutes more before he exited the stage on his own (third pic).

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    This is how and when my friend got her Captain America cards signed.
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